Book: Namaki

Notable Rewards:

-Admitted works in Biennial Illustration of Portugal “Illustrate” (2018)
-Admitted works in Tenth International Annual of “Fajr Visual Arts”(2018)
-Admitted works in Illustration Festival of China “Golden Pinwheel” (2017)
-Admitted works in “Illustration Festival of Singapore”, AFCC (2015)

Instances of Published Books:
Book: Magic Fountain

-“Namaki”(2020)Fatemi Publication.
-“Dangerous pizzas”(2018) Fanni Publication.
-“Computer Olympic”(2017) Fanni Publication.
-“Hambazie Barghkhaar”(2017) Fanni Publication.
-Magic Fountain”(2013) Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults Publication.
-“Seven Stairs”(2011) Soroush Publication.

Book: Esfandiar's Haft khan

Pen, Pencil

Book : Goodi's adventure

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