The Well’s Secret

Winner of the Best Wordless Picture Book of Etisalat Illustration Award

Publisher: AlBuraq

Designer: Ali Al Qasem

Illustrator: Masoumeh Hajivand

Number of Pages: 36

Age Group: +6


In a coastal village, children are playing and the residents live well and happily. In the middle of the game, the ball that the children were playing with, suddenly falls into the well. After that, everything falls apart. The sea becomes stormy and it’s like the village is going to get destroyed. People are afraid and don’t know what to do. Suddenly they remember that they can go to the wise old man and ask him for a solution. The wise old man says that all of these are because of the well and the ball that fell into the well. The only way to save the village from the storm is to pull the ball out of the well. But what do the storm, the well, and the ball have to do with each other? The answer to this question is the secret of the well that surprises the reader in the last pages of the book.