I see that!

Winner of the Bronze Medal Stiftung Buchkunst in 2019

Publisher: Old Lion Publishing House

Author:Romana Romanyshyn

Illustrator: Andriy Lesiv

Number of Pages: 56

Age Group: 7-10


This is an educational picture book about sight from the creative studio Agrafka. It is about both things we can see with our own eyes and the mysterious, invisible to the human eye. This book is also about microscopes and telescopes that help us see incredibly small or extremely distant things. It explains that for better eyesight some people need glasses, while those who can’t see at all need a special system and symbols. By reading this new book, you will learn how birds and animals see the world, how artists create optical illusions, and about the many millions of hues the human eye can perceive. I See That won the 2018 Bologna Ragazzi Award, the most prestigious award in children’s literature, in the award’s non-fiction category.

  • Date November 13, 2021
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