Book : A child called kasra

Notable Rewards:

-Selected in Sharjah Festival; UAE (2017)(2015)
-Winner of Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adult Publishing Festival in
field of publication design; Tehran, Iran (2017)
-Winner of BIG Singapore; Singapore (2015)
-1st place winner of Mourning of Colors Festival; Tehran, Iran (2012)
-3rd place winner of 1st Fajr Afarinan Festival; Tehran, Iran (2010)

Instances of Published Books:
Book: Aunt Goleh

-“The Most Beautiful Present in the World”(2019) Beh Nashr Publication
-“Poushca”(2019) Nardeban Publication.
-“Coo Coos Have Been Taken”(2019) Nardeban.
-“Chubby Gando”(2019) Nardeban Publication
-“Kitty’s Tail”(2018) Soureh Mehr Publication.
-“That Girl by the Window”(2018) Khaneh Adabiyat.
-“The Parrot and The Trader”(2016) Madreseh.
-“The Horse that had two Wings”(2016) Soureh Mehr

Book :Potato's Song

Pen – Pencil

Book : AZ and Zarvan
Book : Coo Coos Have Been Taken
Book: Girl by the window
Book: Kalileh and Demneh
Book: May I touch the Hooka
Book: Like Flower's Girl

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